About Frisky

Glamorous, sultry, and a little bit tacky! This dazzling showboy and queer cabaret performer has a flair for flamboyant burlesque and isn’t afraid to show it. Combining classic tease with a contemporary feel, Frisky Whispers will have you salivating at every glove peel, fan twirl, and crotch shot!

Debuting in November 2017, Frisky was taken under the wing of Drag Queen and comedy burlesque performer Ginger Tart from whom he developed his talent for campy and comedic performances. Furthering his burlesque studies under the guidance of some of the best teachers in the industry, most prominently Rubyyy Jones, Lady Wildflower, and John Celestus, Frisky has emerged as a fresh talent on the UK cabaret scene with a style developed to incorporate both classic and neo-burlesque acts.

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Alongside performing, Frisky has developed talent behind the scenes producing, marketing and stage-managing shows. Starting out as the stage manager for OxPHWOARd, Frisky quickly rose through production assistant to co-producer before launching SPUDS, the regular troupe show of the Oxfordshire Drag Collective of which he was a founding member. Prioritising ethical practices above profit, Frisky has a passion for cabaret done right and has most recently launched Twisted Whispers Vaudeville in Manchester.

Based in Manchester, Frisky performs all over the UK, including London, Oxford, Bristol, Reading, Liverpool, Worcester, Harrogate, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Prepare yourself for a budding boylesque sensation!

Spare Rib Superstar 2019- Judges Choice Winner

Tawny Kay presents Star Search 2019 - First Runner Up