Frisky performs act in a few different styles of burlesque so can fit many different types of event

Deluxe Frisk

A decadent fan dance striptease inspired by classic showgirls and burlesque, this act encapsulates everything that first drew Frisky to burlesque – corsets, feathers, sensuality and cheek – all smothered in purple sparkles!


Something sweet with just the right amount of kick! Treat yourself to a delightfully twee number which soon turns saucy as the wrapper comes off…


A sultry striptease combining old school vaudeville with a contemporary flair, Frisky invites his audience to indulge in every inch of his glamorous style – top hat and all!


One of the greatest love stories of cinema - or at least it was. A miscommunication about the intent of their Titanic double act leaves Ginger and Frisky scrambling to make it work in a bonkers retelling of the classic film

Double act with Ginger Tart

The Rebound

Frisky has had his heart broken - boo hoo! The best thing for him is to try and move on, but a misguided delve into the internet goes awry...

Midnight Seduction

An indulgent striptease exploring Friskys more masculine side. Sensual and sexy, Frisky wants to seduce you and be seduced by you...

Honey Bear

Cute and cuddly through and through, this honey bear is more adorable than your teddy… as long as he doesn’t get hungry. Bees beware, this bundle of fluff is coming for your honey

Nothing But Boa

The name says it all! Frisky gets frisky on stage with nothing but a giant red boa to preserve his modesty (not that there's much of that). This act can be camp as hell or sultry to fit the atmosphere of your event

Video available on request